It all started over 30 years ago in the UK. The idea was simple – to bring the Jewish community together through workshops, seminars and lectures. Over just a few days, Limud participants are given the opportunity to enlarge their knowledge of almost every aspect of Jewish

life. The responsibility of leading this adventure in learning belongs to… the Limud participants! This idea, in which students become teachers and teachers become students, has attracted people from around the world. So we hope you will join the Limud family!

The eighth edition of Limud Poland will follow a proven formula. At almost any time, day or night, participants will be able to select from a variety of items on the Limud menu.


This year’s conference subject is “All about us”. This is the last Limud organized by the JDC. Although it’s the last in such a form, we are hoping that Limud will come back one day. That’s why we would like to encourage you this year to speak about everything in which you are interested: history, cooking, philosophy, psychology, education, books, songs and poems. Only if it’s connected somehow to Judaism, and, as we know, that can accommodate a lot.


We are waiting for see you all! Limud Keszet Poland is about to start – come join us!